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Dear Parents and Educators,   


       "Because I said so, that’s why!” was a rather common aspect of parenting when I was a child. Some parents made such loud demands that even the neighbors’ kids hurried to wash their hands or brush their teeth! Thankfully, most of the parents of my former students are far more relational and thoughtful about guiding their children’s development. In their desire to be effective parents, they take time to listen. They talk about the fun and serious issues of growing up. Frequently, there is also reading — the highly relational enjoyment of exploring a book together. To guide parents, grandparents, and caretakers in their reading adventures with children, my stories include useful tools, designed to enrich your insightful conversations about a story’s theme(s).

        Further, when I talk to teachers and administrators, it is quite evident that intensifying challenges of reaching (and exceeding) ever-increasing benchmark and annual achievement goals are requiring many students to work harder to learn. Likewise, teachers are working harder to teach, as they use student achievement data to guide their instructional planning. Obviously, every minute in the classroom counts. All materials used during these instructional minutes must be relevant and appropriately rigorous. Wishing to lend a helpful hand to our educators who tackle themes pertaining to social, emotional, and behavioral issues, such as bullying, I have included relevant activities that support teachers in their instructional planning. The last section of the book includes vocabulary, identifying the main idea, an author viewpoint, and questions to guide discussion.

        Parents and Educators, I’m cheering for you!

Best wishes,

Poppy Chase

The Untold Story of Dinosaur School

       Is it possible that we can learn something from prehistoric animals, especially when they are not getting along with each other? Follow these dinosaurs into an imaginative world, where solving problems is everybody's business.

Topics: * Caring for yourself and others

           * Bullying

           * Problem-solving and supporting others


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Poppy Chase is a published author with Little Goblins' Books, based in London, UK.