About the Book

       Is it possible that we can learn something from prehistoric animals, especially when they are not getting along with each other? Follow these dinosaurs into an imaginative world, where solving problems is everybody's business.

The Untold Story of Dinosaur School

 Released in Summer, 2018 

What others are saying...

        As an elementary school principal, I am deeply committed to helping children succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. Sometimes my work requires me to redirect students after they have made poor choices. In a recent session with a young student, The Untold Story of Dinosaur School was the right match for the situation; caring for yourself and others by not allowing any bullying. When I read the book to the student, the child was immediately engaged and responsive. This book is such a catalyst on so many levels.          Mary L., Ph.D.    

      Thank you for writing The Untold Story of Dinosaur School. Imagine how schools and neighborhoods would be if we all played a part in problem-solving, while encouraging and supporting others to be their very best.

                                         Victoria P.

      I'm sharing this wonderful book with two families. Story-time is more than reading a good story in these two homes. The kids love to talk about a story and the pictures. 

                        Logan T., Amazon Review

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The Untold Story of Dinosaur School...what a wonderful story, with spectacular artwork! As a child, I loved dinosaurs. Now, as an uncle, I get to share the experience with my nephew and niece! They love all the pictures, which really get their imaginations going. 'very cute to watch. The great story-line teaches young children examples of how to be good friends to their peers. I recommend this book to anyone with children. 'great lessons to learn and talk about. Please keep the books coming. Can't wait to see what Poppy writes next!

                        Eric S., Amazon Review

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Poppy Chase is a published author with Little Goblins' Books, based in London, UK.